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Building the next generation of diverse and innovative STEM leaders


Rosa Maria Rodriguez Izquierdo, quality control technician at the Camarma site in Spain mentoring STEM Talent Girl students. 

At PPG, we see education as a way to enable possibilities and progress through learning, curiosity and discovery. We know first-hand the importance of education and the need for a skilled science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) workforce to create stronger, more sustainable communities. Education sits at the helm of the innovation that will shape our world for generations to come, open opportunities for students around the world and accelerate pathways for diversity in STEM fields.

Our focus on STEM
Globally, we aim to build the next generation of STEM leaders ready to help our society meet collective challenges quickly, creatively and effectively.

Our funding supports students at various points along their educational continuum. We are helping to increase the number of young people with an interest in STEM, with a focus on historically excluded populations. We also support diverse students entering advanced STEM studies.

In the U.S., the STEM workforce does not reflect the diversity of the nation. There is an underrepresentation of Black, Hispanic and women among professional and student populations. Our efforts in the U.S. specifically focus on these students, in order to close existing race and gender gaps.

The link between color and learning
As a leading color authority PPG understands the positive impact that color can have on a space, and its potential to impact moods and behavior. Key findings from our  new study, funded by PPG and conducted in partnership with Campos and RAND Corporation, highlight these critical connections between color and enhanced student and teacher engagement.


We connect STEM with career success

  • Partner with programs that inspire the groundbreaking, world-changing careers that PPG employees experience.
  • Fund hands-on activities that immerse young people in STEM concepts that are linked to real-world solutions and innovations.
  • Advance equity in STEM learning to support Black students and students of color pursuing STEM learning and career development
  • Activate the science talent of our employee volunteers to be mentors, connect with students and demonstrate career and education paths.
  • Invest in students pursuing higher education in STEM-related fields and support them with scholarships and career skills training,


total invested globally in education in 2022


Helping talented, diverse students pursue advanced STEM studies and skilled workforce development training in 2022


students reached in 2022


Supporting STEM curiosity and discovery in young students in 2022


PPG and the PPG Foundation contributed $7.5 million to the Carnegie Science Center to help establish the PPG SCIENCE PAVILION™ in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, creating a hub of learning to inspire the next generation of creative thinkers and prepare them for the workforce of the future.

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Going stellar with science

Going stellar with science

Our employees in France support an annual Science and Technology exhibition to make learning fun and engaging. In honor of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing in 2019, we joined the two-week “cosmos” themed extravaganza of science, math and engineering activities.

Pathways to student success

Pathways to student success

In Latin America, we hold a long-standing partnership with Junior Achievement to deliver hands on, experiential learning in financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship programming. 

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Niamani Knight


Niamani Knight

STREAM Global Innovations

I am so thankful for the PPG Foundation in taking a chance on a young girl’s vision for her peers–the next generation of industry leaders. Together, we can continue impacting the lives of students around the world to secure futures full of potential, where access to education and career opportunities are available for all.

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