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What we do

What does it take to protect and beautify the world? 

What we do

Employees gathered safely during a COLORFUL COMMUNITIES® project in Kolomna, Russia

All of us. At PPG, we believe the most powerful way to catalyze positive impacts in our communities is to mobilize who we are and what we do best as a business. We support our dedicated employees as they engage in meaningful community service, help diverse students and communities explore new horizons in science-related fields that reflect the expertise of our company, and encourage innovative use of our products to transform neighborhoods. In all that we do, we prioritize equity and justice to help our society meet collective challenges creatively and effectively.

Funding to support our priority areas is provided by the PPG Foundation in the U.S. and by PPG as part of our global giving across our regions outside of the U.S. Download our Funding Guidelines (PDF).

Committed to diversity, equity and inclusion

Each and every day, diversity, equity and inclusion is integrated into all that we do. Through our community partners, employees and investments, we work to create pathways and impacts that address systemic racism and advance social justice.

  • Empowering our employees as community ambassadors
  • Promoting inclusion and amplifying employee voices through Employee Resource Networks
  • Building the next generation of STEM leaders, with a focus on closing the race and gender gap
  • Investing in partnerships to elevate social justice initiatives
  • Revitalizing diverse communities through COLORFUL COMMUNITIES® projects

Uniting color and environment

In a Vietnam province vulnerable to climate change, PPG volunteers set out to illustrate the importance of environmental protection – all while brightening and transforming a primary school. 

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Marvin Mendoza

Global Head, DE&I

Marvin Mendoza


At PPG, we believe in DE&I and have long upheld these values throughout our company and community engagement efforts to create stronger, more sustainable communities. Our community engagement commitments build upon PPG’s purpose to protect and beautify the world and align with our practices to create an equal and just society.

Each year we strive to better our communities and update the information on our website with new stories and partnerships. Click here for a look back at our activities from past years.

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