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Video: Reflecting on five years of color with Propel Schools

Video: Reflecting on five years of color with Propel Schools

Colorful Communities®, Volunteerism

For Bryan Iams, vice president, corporate and government affairs, attending the very first COLORFUL COMMUNITIES® project at Propel Schools, outside of Pittsburgh, Pa., was a monumental milestone.

“I will never forget the energy and positivity that surrounded the school at that very first project,” said Iams. “We knew the program had the potential to make life-changing differences, but to see our employees activate in the community and witness the students’ and educators’ reactions to the beautiful paint colors really brought the Colorful Communities program to life.”

According to Iams, back in May 2015, our belief in the positive and powerful impact of color propelled PPG and our committed employees to set out to beautify and revitalize our global neighborhoods together through our signature Colorful Communities program.

Since the initial Colorful Communities project, PPG has completed more than 315 projects across 40+ countries and touched the lives of more than 6.7 million people along the way. Through research, we’ve also learned of the specific impacts of the Colorful Communities program within schools, and specifically how colors can enhance learning and improve both students’ and teachers’ experiences and engagement in the classroom.

To kick off year six of this special program that we're all so proud of, we will continue to bring you stories of impact and reflections from projects around the world.

Prior to the onset of COVID-19 pandemic, we checked in with Propel Schools early in 2020. Watch the video below to learn how the initial Colorful Communities project and ongoing partnership with PPG continues to touch the lives of their students and community, even several years later. 



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