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The need to create an equal and just society

The need to create an equal and just society

Community Sustainability, PPG Foundation

At PPG, we share in the sadness of the senseless death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and share the frustration of people who are saying, enough is enough as it relates to the discriminatory events in Minnesota and other incidents that have impacted Black Americans and other diverse people over the many years. The subsequent demonstrations around the world are sending a loud and clear message that we need to do more to create an equal and just society.

At our core, we are a company that believes in the basic values of human dignity, equity and inclusion and diversity. These are some of our most important values.  

Racism and discrimination have no place at PPG. We know that our differences make us stronger.

Our purpose states that “we protect and beautify the world,” and this has never been more important than now. We stand in support of organizations addressing racial injustices and are enabling our employees to do the same.

We are taking these initial actions to do more:

  • Financial support: The PPG Foundation will donate to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Legal Defense Fund, Center for Policing Equity, and the Equal Justice Initiative.
  • Expanding employee donations: When our employees make personal contributions to organizations addressing injustices, we are increasing the impact. For the month of June 2020, we are doubling our standard employee donation match program to support social justice organizations that have a mission focused on racial equalities and anti-racism.
  • Employee engagement: We continue to engage with our global workforce and listen to their voice by directly engaging with employees from across the globe to hear new ideas on how we can make PPG a more diverse and inclusive workplace. 

We will continue to cultivate community relationships in solidarity with organizations progressing racial and societal justice and equality and support organizations creating meaningful change in our communities.

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