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PPG takes science on the road with the Perot Museum

PPG takes science on the road with the Perot Museum

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In Dallas, Texas, the PPG Foundation and the Perot Museum of Nature and Science have teamed up for the third annual year to take the TECH Truck program on the road.

This program has been essential to community outreach throughout the pandemic and continues to be one of the primary ways the Perot Museum serves under-resourced communities and inspires young minds across Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas.

Through a PPG Foundation grant and the TECH Truck program, the Museum spreads science inspiration and innovation throughout the community, bringing hands-on discovery directly to community centers programs, libraries, parks, public events, out of school programs and more through activities like 3D printing, digital design and graphic artwork.

Recently, the TECH Truck visited numerous Dallas public schools, libraries in Dallas and Fort Worth and community organizations such as the Stewpot, United to Learn, For Oak Cliff, the YMCA, the Salvation Army, Boys & Girls Clubs, and Big Brothers Big Sisters to focus on skills such as creative problem-solving, iterative design and technological literacy.

One of the ways the TECH Trucks brings science to life is with the Crash Test Car Engineering Challenge, designed to allow participants to explore Newton’s Laws of Motion and the physics involved in a car crash. Using recycled materials, students construct a vehicle that can protect its passenger during a simulated collision. Then, they have time to build, test and modify their designs, before sharing their reflections on the iterative process and the challenges they faced.

“We are so deeply appreciative of PPG’s generosity, always and especially now. Your gift nurtures children’s early curiosity into a lifelong love of learning, which quite possibly, leads to a meaningful vocation in the sciences,” said Ashley Chellgren, senior director development, Perot Museum of Nature and Science. “Thank you for helping us ensure that the Perot Museum remains as accessible, innovative, and impactful today as in the decades to come.”

At PPG, we believe that science center’s play an important role in spreading a love of exploration and increasing science literacy. Learn more about PPG’s support of science centers, here.

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