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PPG employee volunteers reunite to transform school building in China

PPG employee volunteers reunite to transform school building in China

Colorful Communities®, Community Sustainability

While so much has changed during the COVID-19 pandemic, color can still unite us and remind us that there is beauty within each day. This reminder recently came to life in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Province, China for one of the first PPG COLORFUL COMMUNTIES® project since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

PPG employee volunteers reunited to create a vibrant new beginning for students of the Zhangjiagang White Cloud Primary School Houcheng branch. Once serving as a public school, White Cloud has been out of use and in deteriorating conditions over the past several years. Rebuilt this year, the school now serves the children of migrant workers.

In partnership with TEDA Charity Association and professional contractors, 25 PPG employees from the company’s Zhangjiagang plant restored a dance studio, reading room and exterior wall using PPG paint products.

“We’re very grateful for what PPG has done to help renovate our school,” said Fang Guizhi, principal, Zhangjiagang White Cloud Primary School Houcheng branch. “The classroom paint designs are in line with the school’s teaching philosophy. The colors can inspire the students to equip themselves with knowledge and enjoy the process of studying in a more interesting way.”

Featuring a theme of blue skies and white clouds, the dance studio aims to encourage students to feel free to release their emotions and unlock their potential. The reading room’s blue sea concept enables students to enjoy reading in a quiet environment. The pattern of blue sky dotted with white clouds on the exterior walls expresses the school’s anticipation for a bright future and its emphasis on traditional culture and courses.

“Although our Colorful Communities projects have been on pause for the last several months, our passion for creating meaningful change in the lives of students continued,” said Cathy Yan, PPG general manager, corporate and government affairs, Asia Pacific. “We are thrilled to be back in our community creating partnerships and brighter futures through color and committed volunteers.”

Earlier this year, our Colorful Communities projects were on hold until it was safe to come together as a community to hold these vibrant events. While our projects remain on hiatus in many parts of the world, the health and wellness of our employees and community partners were a primary focus at this event. All local health and safety protocols were strictly abided.

“We’ve long anticipated the return to spreading joy and brightness in our communities and worked closely with our Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) colleagues to ensure the safety of our employees, contactors and everyone involved,” said Malesia Dunn, executive director, PPG Foundation and corporate global social responsibility.

The Colorful Communities program, PPG's signature initiative for supporting communities, aims to protect and beautify the neighborhoods where PPG operates around the world. Through the Colorful Communities program, PPG's committed volunteers contribute their time and PPG paint products to help transform community assets – from painting classrooms, to bringing color to a maternity ward and redesigning a playground. Since 2015, PPG has completed more than 300 Colorful Communities projects, impacting more than 6.5 million people in 41 countries. Click here to learn more.

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