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National Chemistry Week: ‘Sticking with Chemistry’ to inspire future chemists

National Chemistry Week: ‘Sticking with Chemistry’ to inspire future chemists

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This year, National Chemistry Week is a sticky subject. Centered around the theme “Sticking with Chemistry,” more than 4,800 students and teachers from across the Pittsburgh, PA, area tuned into a virtual, telethon-styled broadcast program.

Through a partnership with the PPG Foundation and the American Chemical Society (ACS), the Carnegie Science Center joined area chemists, leaders and educators to inspire students to explore their interests, and possible future career paths, in chemistry. Four PPG chemists joined the program to share their personal career stories and their exciting work within PPG’s labs.

Running programing during school hours for two straight days, teachers in the area were able to connect their classrooms with the broadcast to hear first-hand about career possibilities, ask questions and watch science demonstrations.

The on-screen science experiments tied back to the program’s theme, with a Carnegie Mellon University professor presenting on the sticky science of DNA and the sticky forces of nanotechnology.

According to Evonne A. Baldauff, Ph.D., National Chemistry Week coordinator, the PPG Foundation grant made it possible for all students and schools to participate without cost.

“While we missed interacting with the students in-person this year, the virtual format captivated the students and offered a great opportunity for them to depart from their daily school format to experience future possibilities available through chemistry,” said Dr. Baldauff. 

National Chemistry Week is a community-based, annual event that unites ACS local sections, businesses, schools and individuals in communicating the importance of chemistry to our quality of life. Click here to see how we’ve partnered with ACS on National Chemistry Week in the past.

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