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Megan Rinehart, 2019 Scholarship Recipient

Megan Rinehart, 2019 Scholarship Recipient

Application Process

Q: Why did you choose to apply for the National Merit Scholarship program through PPG? How did you learn about the PPG Foundation scholarship program?
A: My father, a chemical engineer at PPG, first heard of this scholarship while at work. Once he learned about this scholarship, he mentioned it to me, and that is when I first learned of the scholarship program. I chose to apply for the National Merit Scholarship program because it is a meaningful partnership and recognition with National Merit.

Q: How did you prepare for the PSAT/NMSQT?
A: The greatest preparation for the PSAT/NMSQT was the opportunity to take the PSAT sophomore year of high school. Before junior year of high school, the PSAT test does not qualify you for NMSQT. Therefore, taking the PSAT as an underclassman the years prior to the PSAT/NMSQT qualification test is a great preparation. Standardized tests can be daunting, especially as a young student. Therefore, getting your foot in the door as early as possible in order to be acquainted to the standardized test system is a perfect way to prepare for more serious standardized examinations later on in one’s education.

Q: What was the most difficult or nerve-wracking part of the application process and why?
A: The most nerve-wracking part of the application process was the waiting time after the application was submitted before hearing back about the result of the scholarship.

Q: What advice do you have for future students who are applying?
A: There are many aspects of the application that students must consider. I would recommend asking teachers for a letter of recommendation as soon as possible, adequately study for the PSAT, and continue to have self-reflective thoughts in order to write an essay that best portrays who you are.

About You

Q: Where are you attending college? What do you plan to major in? Why did you choose this field of study?
A: I am attending The Ohio State University where I am majoring in Biomedical Science and minoring in Public Health. I chose to study biomedical science for the opportunity to dive deeper into my great passion for science. This field of study allows me to explore my greatest scientific interests through an emphasis on undergraduate research while building the necessary foundation before continuing to medical school to accomplish my greatest goal of becoming a pediatrician.  

Q: Do you look up to an expert in your chosen field of study? If so, how has that person influenced or inspired you?
A: I look up to many devoted physicians, especially those who have a great devotion of service to the less fortunate. Dr. Paul Farmer is a great inspiration to me. The way he completely invested himself in global medicine is very admirable. He is a standout physician and reading about his career inspired me to continue to study public health and health policy in order that I may be acquainted with appropriate ways to make health more equitable.

Q: What are some of your goals for the next four years?
A: I have a few goals for the next four years. I want to continue to delve into undergraduate research in synthetic biology. Another one of my goals consists of a continued service to the poor throughout college. My greatest overarching goal, however, is to attend medical school.

Q: What motivated you to excel throughout high school? Which of your accomplishments have meant the most to you?
A: A deep love of learning motivated me throughout high school. I desired to learn everything fully, to the best of my ability, and apply it accordingly. However, the accomplishment that means the most to me is not academically related. I am most proud of what I accomplished in the special education classroom. I am most proud that I was able to offer these students great friendship and mentorship throughout high school. It means a lot to me that I am still close friends with these students even today.  

Q: What advice do you have for students who will compete in the upcoming scholarship program?
My greatest advice for students would be to take ample time to increase one’s own intrapersonal intelligence. Great self-reflection is required by scholarships, and it is never too early to take time and really understand your motivations.

Q: What does receiving this scholarship from the PPG Foundation mean to you?
A: I have completed one year of college with the help from the PPG Foundation and I am so grateful to know that PPG sees the potential in me to invest in my education. Receiving this scholarship validates my past accomplishments and encourages me to achieve more in college. 

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