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Lunchboxes that feed the mind

Lunchboxes that feed the mind

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On a slightly foggy Saturday morning outside of the PPG Delaware, Ohio coatings facility, vehicles filed one after the other, greeted with a “Good Morning,” as they slowly drove down the path to pick-up learning lunchboxes, and PPG swag in a brightly colored orange bag branded by the Center of Science and Industry (COSI), a PPG Foundation partner. Together PPG employees, COSI, Delaware City Schools, United Way of Delaware County and People in Need representatives teamed up for a day of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) community outreach to educate, demonstrate, and distribute 500 inedible lunchboxes.

Why are they called lunchboxes?  COSI specializes in creating interactive fun science experiences for children, and in this case, the underserved youth throughout the community.   Since the COVID 19 pandemic, many families have been without the resources to provide digital learning opportunities.  The learning lunchboxes – called COSI Connects Energy Kits – helped fill that need and are fully equipped with five science activities to feed the student’s mind for a week.

Each kit is filled with energetic activities such as learning how to make your very own rubber-band helicopter or DIY lava lamp.  Scientific topics of chemical, wind, dark, solar and elastic potential energy are all expressed in these hands-on STEM activities. 

Parents were appreciative of the Energy kits as they captured their children’s excitement.  One parent shared, “Thank you for this opportunity.  My son opened the kit and was so excited to start learning!”

The volunteers at the event felt good about the success of the day.  “It was such a wonderful morning, filled with amazing community partnerships.  PPG and COSI provided an incredible experience for Delaware County families.  There were so many smiles from adults and children,” remarked Heidi Kegley, superintendent of Delaware City Schools. 

“What [a] great event – big thanks to PPG and COSI!  This is the type of event that not only supports parents access to unique home-learning opportunities but will propel students’ curiosity and love of STEM!” said Brande Urban, collective impact director of the United Way of Delaware County (UWDC).

UWDC played a big part in pulling partner organizations together to help identify the recipients most in need. Urban continues, “[I]Loved the partnership of schools, local industry, STEM experts, non-profits, and student mentorship programs at the COSI Learning Lunchbox Event bringing STEM to Delaware County’s front door.”

As part of the local industry for nearly 60 years, PPG’s Delaware, Ohio coatings facility aims to makes every relationship count, whether it be with their employees or in the community, creating an impactful footprint that educates and feeds the hungry inquiring mind to stimulate a brighter tomorrow.

To learn more about how PPG employees serve their local communities, click here.

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