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Jack Webb, 2019 Graduate, Case Western Reserve University

Jack Webb, 2019 Graduate, Case Western Reserve University

About You

Q: Tell us the college(s) you attended, the degree(s) you earned and your major(s).
A: I attended Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH, USA. I earned a B.S. in Accounting, along with a Spanish Minor. I graduated in May 2019.

Q: Please describe any internships or co‐ops that enriched your college experience. How have those opportunities affected you/your career plans?
A: I had two internships: one with the Cleveland Clinic Foundation as a corporate accounting intern, and then one as a Business Technology Analyst Summer Scholar at Deloitte Consulting. Both of these internships were very valuable, as they helped me understand what I wanted to do initially out of college. I was lucky enough to receive a return offer from Deloitte Consulting, and I have been working there ever since.

Q: What led you to your selected field of study?
A: I really like the versatility of accounting. It is often called “the language of business”, and I felt that with a strong accounting background one can open many doors within the business world. Having a strong accounting background doesn’t mean you have to work in accounting (since I clearly don’t at this point in time), but it absolutely provides a very strong foundation to conquer anything else within the business world.

Q: How did receiving this scholarship through the PPG Foundation assist/enhance/impact your college experience? How has it benefited you throughout your career?
A: It allowed me to focus on my studies and extracurricular experiences that were important to me during college instead of having to worry about student debt or working a part-time job on top of being a full-time student.

Q: What did this scholarship mean to you? Did it lead to any special opportunities?
A: It really meant a lot to me. One of my goals was to graduate college debt free, and I am humbled and grateful to say that because of NSMC’s and PPG’s support I was able to achieve that goal.

Q: What advice do you have for future students competing in this scholarship program?
A: Be genuine, and don’t feel like you have to list off every accomplishment or award you have ever received. Of course, accolades are great accomplishments, but focus on what makes you different and why you should be chosen to win the scholarship. Although it can be difficult, make sure you show a little bit of your personality when you are writing the essay.

Q: What advice do you have for students who are about to start/who are in college
Don’t feel like you need to have every class, activity, and extracurricular planned out. Some of my favorite classes were ones I took “just for fun” and did not count towards my major. Take the opportunity to be spontaneous, as it may unlock a passion that you never knew you had!

Workforce Experience

Q: Are you currently in grad school or are you in the workforce? What led you to make this decision?
A: I’m currently in the workforce. I wanted to enter the workforce right away to understand if I wanted to eventually pursue additional higher education. I am still undecided if I want to go back to school, but I can definitely see myself going to graduate school at some point.

Q: Describe how your college curriculum prepared you for the workforce. What classroom opportunities/activities best helped prepare you/influenced your career? Were there any opportunities/activities outside of the classroom that helped prepare you?
A: I felt that CWRU’s college curriculum prepared me a great deal. I was able to pass all four CPA exams within one year of my graduation, and I think that shows the strength of the accounting program at Case Western Reserve. Additionally, my senior “capstone” class was a consulting-type project. That project itself helped me prepare for the current job I have now in consulting.

Q: Describe your most rewarding college experience.
A: My most rewarding college experience was helping with students’ resumes and cover letters. I did this voluntarily, and many students were able to land jobs/internships due to my help. I always look for ways to pay it forward, and this was one way I felt I could use my skills to help others.

Q: What has been your most rewarding experience in the workforce? 
A: I really enjoy working on my current team and trying my best to create a strong and tight-knit team culture. I try to keep in mind that my team members each have a personal life outside of work, and I try my best to be empathetic and understanding of everyone’s personal circumstances. This has become increasingly important due to the ongoing pandemic, since we are all working remote and many of my team members have young children. 

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