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Future-Forward manufacturing: Propelling the next generation of talent

Future-Forward manufacturing: Propelling the next generation of talent

Education, PPG Foundation

As modern manufacturing progresses so do the advanced, automated robotics systems that are often found in manufacturing facilities around the world. What does this mean for future generations of manufacturing talent? The robotics and automation technology field is a growing market filled with job opportunities!

This potential opportunity ignited us at the PPG Foundation to support robotics and automation students and educators at The University of Northwestern Ohio (UNOH). Through our grants to the UNOH Robotics and Automation Lab, we’ve supported the development of a fabrication area and course.

Hands-on access, practical application

Designed to teach the fundamentals of fabrication by using industrial metalworking equipment, university students will have hands-on access to learn and develop their fabrication skills through practical application. In fact, they will even be able to create several metal working projects.

“The vast and expanding career opportunities the sector has to offer continues to evolve which demonstrates the importance of investing in futures of robotics and automation students,” said Deb Goldenetz, Business Process Manager, PPG.


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