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Five years of color: Brightening communities – virtually

Five years of color: Brightening communities – virtually

Colorful Communities®, Community Sustainability

Back in May 2015, our belief in the positive and powerful impact of color propelled PPG and our committed employees to set out to beautify and revitalize our global neighborhoods together. Five years in, we’re proud and delighted at what we have achieved with our COLORFUL COMMUNITIES® program.

While so much has changed during the COVID-19 pandemic, color can still unite us and remind us that there is beauty within each day, notes Malesia Dunn, executive director, PPG Foundation and corporate global social responsibility. “While we can’t physically join together to acknowledge the five-year milestone of the Colorful Communities program,” said Dunn, “we can happily reflect on the many colorful transformations we have created as One PPG and look ahead to brighter days in the future.”

Bringing brightness to the world with our virtual Colorful Communities mural

We know we can still create beautiful spaces “together,” even when apart. That’s why we asked our employees, customers, partners and friends to send us photos of handmade, colorful pictures to symbolize moments of joy and hope.

We have combined these bright art pieces virtually into a communal mural – created entirely from artwork contributions from kids from all over the globe.

Thank you to all who contributed artwork to help us commemorate the fifth anniversary of the Colorful Communities initiative — and for bringing more color into the world when we need it most.

While we received many beautiful contributions, we’d like to share some of the inspiring stories behind the artwork in our mural.

Double the inspiration from Mexico

Brought to us from Mexico by four-year-old twin brothers, Maximiliano and Santiago, their artwork depicts a creative, cheerful scene of the brightness we all look forward to each day.

Underwater beauty from Barcelona

This undersea scene was sent to us from Spain. A young girl named Leyre created it while waiting for her baby brother to be born. Leyre, age 12, created her artwork using materials from the garden and her aunt’s, a PPG employee, kitchen to bring the scene to life with various textures.

Expressing creativity while distance learning

These pieces from Belgium were created by Margot, age 10, (Ballerina and Umbrella Girl) and Josse, age 8, (Hedgehog). Margot and Josse’s parent, a PPG employee, said, “during these home teaching times, my children like to express themselves creatively while learning at home.”

Future medical professional shares her heart

Jordan, age 14, really touched our hearts. She’s interested in a career in the medical field, and as we can see, she has a great eye for it.

Brighter days ahead

This playground scene was shared by nine-year-old Ishleen in Malaysia, whose vision of a bright, shining day is a sight we can all look forward to. Her artwork depicts a scene of the playground where she meets friends from different backgrounds and learns about diversity and inclusion.

Commemorate five years of color with the Colorful Communities program

Join us in recognizing the 5th year milestone of the Colorful Communities initiative.

  • Discover the interactive 360° mural on the PPG Facebook page.
  • Download the mural to set as your background, share on your personal social media channels and more.
  • Explore the past five years of global Colorful Communities projects.
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