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Feeding families: Emerging relief grant aids food insecurities in Brazil

Feeding families: Emerging relief grant aids food insecurities in Brazil

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In many parts of the world, families and individuals are facing food insecurities due to economic implications created by the COVID-19 pandemic. In São Paulo, Brazil, the challenges created by the crisis have led to a drastic decrease in economic activities. 

According to Camila Gazotto, PPG corporate communications analyst, the most vulnerable people in the area are also affected by deprivation of their most basic needs and thousands of families are no longer able to guarantee daily food.

Joining the “Mobilize Campinas” initiative

When PPG heard of the Federação das Entidades Assistenciais de Campinas (FEAC) Foundation’s “Mobilize Campinas” initiative, which intends to raise $2 million USD to feed nearly 10,000 vulnerable families around the region from April to August 2020, PPG employees in Brazil knew they wanted to be a part of the effort and provide a PPG emerging needs relief grant.

“We are committed worldwide to seek partnerships with institutions with the objective of protecting society in the fight against COVID-19 and the social consequences caused by the pandemic,” said Marcio Grossmann, general manager, PPG Latin America. 

According to Grossman, PPG sought to support the FEAC Foundation because of its work in serving communities close to PPG’s Sumaré facility, and for its role in supporting thousands of vulnerable families in the Campinas region since 1964.

PPG donation provides food assistance to those in need

As one of the ways to provide assistance to those most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and to support the emerging needs in the region, PPG Brazil provided a grant to the FEAC Foundation, a non-profitable organization that provides assistance and social development initiatives, youth empowerment, public education and inclusion of people with disabilities in the region of Campinas, one of the major cities of the São Paulo state and in close proximity to PPG’s Sumaré facility.

Donations to the “Mobilize Campinas” campaign are transferred into food “debit” cards and provided to families considered to be in extreme social vulnerability. Thousands of families are registered to receive the food cards with a considerable amount to purchase groceries over the course of five months.

For one family, the monthly gift cards filled them with hope and happiness, in addition to attending to their basic needs. "Without the donation, I wouldn't be able to feed my family throughout the month. I have no words to thank this initiative, which is essential to many families, like mine," said a member of a family benefited by the FEAC initiative.

To hear more from Grossman as he speaks with local television station, EPTV, about the donation and FEAC program, click here. As part of his interview, Grossman said, “It is a huge satisfaction to participate in this initiative, but it is also a feeling of duty, as a citizen company that supports and contributes to the well-being of the community where we are located.”

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