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2020 Overview: PPG and Junior Achievement prepare students for success

2020 Overview: PPG and Junior Achievement prepare students for success

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Throughout 2020, PPG and Junior Achievement (JA), one of the world's largest institutions dedicated to education, partnered on several projects reaching more than 800 elementary and high school students in Sumaré (SP), São Paulo, Brazil.

We recognized International Day of Education on January 24, 2021, a global celebration of the role of education for peace and development, as proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly, through an overview of the 2020 programs.

Preparing students for success
Through the COVID-19 pandemic, PPG and JA conducted free, virtual classes for the students on important topics related to preparation for the job market, financial education and entrepreneurship.

“We are committed to the communities where we operate, especially with the personal and professional growth of young people. Through the partnership with Junior Achievement, we promote education and positively influence the development of students, both as citizens and for their first jobs,” said Raquel Klemz, corporate communications coordinator for South America, PPG.

Since 2013, around 16,000 children and adolescents have participated in the activities conducted by JA and PPG. Taught by PPG employees, the modules offer an overview of the technical and interpersonal skills necessary for young people to enter and succeed in the job market.

The JA and PPG projects conducted in 2020 include:

The Future of Work: Focused on socio-environmental skills and career preferences, the program presented the impacts of the fourth Industrial Revolution and future high-growth careers, such as in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

My Money, My Business – As part of this program, PPG employees virtually met with high school students to discuss the importance of a healthy financial life. During the classes, the students learned how to develop skills and be more conscious regarding money.

Connected with Tomorrow – Focused on the career prospects and soft skills desired in the job market, PPG employees worked with young people to reflect on the future and how to prepare for their careers.

The Advantages of Staying at School – This initiative demonstrated the costs and advantages of attending school, with graphics, budgeting and career planning. The students also received educational information and suggestions for potential career paths.

Let's Talk about Ethics - Enabling students to reflect on the benefits of ethical conduct in their personal and professional lives, this program helped students to develop a better understanding of their role as citizens.

Innovation Camp – Through the help of PPG employees, teams of students sought solutions to a real challenge faced by the Sumaré community. Using project management tools and concepts, students presented innovative ideas to leverage the region's growth and improve the population's life.

The partnership between the two organizations will continue in 2021. “At the end of each project, we received a very positive feedback from the participants, on both sides. This year, PPG will continue to support the communities where we operate and also encourage employees to contribute to the education of young people,” concluded Raquel.

To learn more about how PPG connects students with educational experiences, click here.


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