Community Engagement

Creating spaces for students to learn and grow

Colorful classroom transformations 

Creating spaces for students to learn and grow

A COLORFUL COMMUNITIES® project in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Creating focus in a chemistry lab. Stimulating creative writing. Sparking conversation and collaboration for math problem-solving. Color is a connecting thread for spaces where students feel comfortable, resilient and encouraged.

We’re acutely interested in supporting positive educational experiences, complemented by colors specifically intended to enhance learning and improve both students’ and teachers’ experiences in the classroom by increasing their feelings of engagement.

At COLORFUL COMMUNITIES® projects around the world, PPG color experts and volunteers evaluate the readiness of physical classroom environments to serve as adaptive, welcoming new spaces for positive academic outcomes. We infuse classrooms with colors that pair with the learning objectives for the classroom while considering factors like students’ ages, curriculum and local, cultural influences.

Our employee volunteers have picked up their paint brushes and transformed nearly 100 educational spaces to surround students with effective learning environments and opportunities for collaborative, hands-on learning.

Engaging students with color

Educators experience the effects of colorful spaces on their students. Whether it be welcoming students returning to in-person learning during the pandemic or impacting students’ moods and behavior in the classroom, colorful transformations spark emotional responses. Hear personal reflections from educators and PPG employees on color in the classroom.

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Selecting classroom colors

Backed by evidence-based design principles, each classroom Colorful Communities project includes colors designed to enhance engagement and promote the desired outcomes for teachers’ and students’ classroom initiatives. Hear from PPG color expert, Rosa Colucci, on the process to select colors that make an impact.

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Color Choices for Learning

PPG knows color and the science behind it. Our team is experienced in applying principles of Color Psychology to maximize educational environments.

As part of our 2020 research, we sought to assist educators in exploring colors that generate desired outcomes in their unique classroom settings. Creating focus, energizing, activating. Every color contributes to a student’s experience within a classroom. 

Interested in learning more about color section advice in learning spaces? Read our PPG expert Q&A.

Also, consider these quick tips:

  • Rooms with different purposes require different color schemes.
  • Certain colors can enhance areas of high energy and creativity or promote calm, concentration and clear thinking. Where and how color is used matters.
  • Balance is key; use of too much bold or bright can be overstimulating. Consider the desired impact of the color and how much time a student spends in the space.
  • Student age is an important factor; primary schools often use warm off whites or light creams as a base with brighter colors as accents, while middle schools are better suited for bright to medium bodied colors.
Jill Hardy Heath

President and CEO of Heart of America and PPG partner at the Luis Muñoz Marín Dual Language Academy Colorful Communities project

Jill Hardy Heath

It is essential for us to transform learning spaces with partners like PPG. As students come back to their classrooms, they will open the doors to see brand new, vibrant colors that will stimulate their minds, inspire their creativity, and motivate them to learn. And, none of it would be possible without the investment and volunteer power of PPG.

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